Westwood Introduction Letter to Tenants

Westwood Introduction Letter to Tenants

Dear Residents,

We would like to inform you of some of the new changes that are happening here at Westwood.

Effective October 19th, Trivest Developments who has been managing our Westwood properties, will no longer be managing any of our Westwood properties.

Westwood now has a full-time and on-site property manager. Your new property manager is Jennipher Pennella and she can be reached at
416-834-5406. Our new Westwood management email address is office@lifeonqueen.com. Feel free to drop by our offices at 73 Willow Avenue during normal business hours from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Westwood has welcomed back Mark Swift who will be your superintendent. Mark can be reached at 416-427-5828. You will also notice Jacqueline who is on Westwood’s staff, busy cleaning your buildings.

Both Ryan and Bryan, who are our repair and maintenance staff are diligently working on the numerous work orders throughout our 11 buildings. The number of work orders that Westwood received during these Covid times are excessive and extraordinary, but Ryan and Bryan are handling it the best way they can. Please be patient.

An answering service has been implemented for emergencies that occur after 4:00pm and on weekends. Any calls received after hours will be directed accordingly.

Westwood also has launched our new website www.lifeonqueen.com. We encourage each tenant to visit this website. This new website will allow tenants to update their contact
information, indicate what apartments are available for rent, as well as submit any work orders.
For tenants that do not have access to a computer, paper-work orders will still be available for your use which will be located near the management mail-box in your building.

Thanking all of you for your understanding and patience.


Jennipher Pennella
Property Manager

October 15, 2020